Madison Ping

Buddhism for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Gaining Basic Knowledge About Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation for a Peaceful Life

Does Buddhism fascinate you?
Or does the thought of it stir questions that often go unanswered?
Have you been developing an interest in understanding the practices, structure or history of Buddhism?
If you’ve answered YES, keep reading…
You Are About To Develop An Insider Understanding Of Buddhism So You Know How It Can Help Transform Your Life, For Good!
Buddhism is not only one of the biggest religions and influencers of countless aspects of the pop culture like relaxation, natural therapy, visualization and understanding of the universe and nature, but an institution that serves as one of the most important sources of world civilization. It is said that even the Christian faith in its earlier days was largely influenced by basic Buddhism teachings.
Given its rich and diverse knowledge bedrock, it’s no doubt that most of us have been dreaming to explore the world of Buddhism to understand its doctrines, bust some myths and gain a holistic understanding of its intellectual and spiritual side of this 2,500-year-old practice- if at all to make out why it’s so influential in nearly all aspects of life.
I know you too have been asking yourself many questions, such as:
Where did Buddhism come from?
How do Buddhists pray or why do they worship as they do?
What is Dharma?
What is their view about the afterlife?
How is religion structured?
It doesn’t matter what your questions about this reputable religion are, because your book features everything you need to know and breaks down the topic in simple, easy to read language and a friendly structure to give you an easy time unveiling its secrets.
Here’s a tiny bit of what you’ll learn:
- What Buddhism is, its history, foundation and basic tenets
- Who the founders and leaders of Buddhism are, and the religion’s exemplars or ideals
- The teachings and principles of Buddhism
- How the Buddhist way of life is or looks like
- What the Secular Dharma is, its foundation, importance and ethics
And much more!
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