Amy Parker

Eating Through Emotion - How to Eat Responsibly, Control Eating Habits and Reduce Weight Quickly with No Dieting

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Do you feel like eating whenever you feel stressed, sad or even angry?

Do you often turn to food for comfort or eat when you are bored?

Do your emotions trigger you to eat?

If you are an emotional eater like I was, then I am sure that your answer is yes to all the above-mentioned questions.

I used to turn to food for comfort in all situations. Instead of learning to deal with my emotions healthily, I found a coping strategy and that was to eat. This certainly didn’t help my physical or mental wellbeing. It seemed like my health was declining, this made me stressed out, and I ate more. The vicious cycle I fell into was quite challenging to break free from.

In this book, you will learn about:

What emotional eating is.

The difference between emotional eating and physical hunger.

Triggers and causes of emotional eating.

Ways to overcome emotional eating.

Tips to start following mindful eating.

This book is your essential guide to overcome emotional eating within no time.
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