zunair Ahmad

Die, You Damned Robot

Please Remember. This is not an ordinary sci-fi novel, nor a graphic novel.
Ten Years ago, a certain law was passed by the high council that made the very existence of the Megatrons, the most advanced family of robots, illegal. Thus, commencing an era where humans began hunting down their own creations without mercy.
Jun Cason, the protagonist of this world far into the future is sentenced to death for committing one of the worst crimes of recent times. While drowning in depression and awaiting his death, one day a strange man visits him and makes him an offer: spend the last two weeks of your life in this tiny jail cell or live for one week as a free man; only catch is, you’d have to go to that mysterious place in the galaxy where living things die of unknown reasons for our research project. Finding a tiny ray of hope in the darkness, Jun accepts the offer.
On his last day as a free man, Jun witnesses a very cruel public execution of the megatrons while being out on the streets. Megatrons resembles human beings. So, when he sees a teenage megatron girl getting violently killed right in front of him, his sense of justice arises and he ends up saving the girl’s lover, a megatron teenager named Nixon. Out of gratitude, Nixon attempts to save Jun from the peril that awaits him in the outer space, but ends in failure.
How could Jun ever hope to survive the Obion planet clusters where the deadly aliens lurk? After learning the conspiracy and the corruption of the high council who rules the world, would he be willing to assist the revolutionaries and help them by committing the same crime that got him a death sentence once again?
Follow along as Jun faces one perilous trail after another and rises against the most powerful super computer humanity has ever built, the terrible tyrant Keygen Computer!
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zunair Ahmad


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