Shadonna Richards

Billionaire's Proposition, The - The Romero Brothers Book 4

Sworn bachelor and sexy charismatic billionaire, Carl Romero needs to find himself a wife and child before he announces his run for mayor—but only for a one-year commitment. He’s determined to win in the next election but being a young single man is his only obstacle to gaining the voters’ confidence. Image is everything. He has his eyes set on his delightful executive assistant, single mom, Venus Jackson. His troubles compound when he realizes winning votes isn’t all he wants, so is winning Venus’s heart.

Struggling single parent, Venus Jackson has a dark secret in her past and too much emotional baggage. She just can’t handle any more drama in her life, but when her irresistible boss, Carl, offers her a proposition to play his doting wife for one year as he embarks on a political career, her mind is telling her to run the other way, yet her heart is pulling her in his charming direction.


"Great family saga! I love this series...I'm going to keep this series in my library for future rereading."
"Another heart warming love story!" 
"Exceptional read with an amazing twist that keeps you wanting more!!"
"I couldn't put this book down until I finished it."
"Where can I get one of these Romero men! They are hot alpha males and it's sexy how protective they are of the ones they love! Must read series!"
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