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Birdwatching Handbook

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Birdwatching Handbook: The Ultimate Guide on Birdwatching, Discover Everything You Need to Know on How to Find and Identify Birds in Your Backyard and Beyond

Birdwatching is the observation of birds in their natural habitat. It is a popular pastime or sport for many as many people find enjoyment in watching and identifying different birds. Millions of people enjoy birdwatching and it is even gaining popularity amongst the younger generation. In the UK, birdwatching has even overtaken fishing as the number one hobby and pastime. Birding is a versatile hobby that you can do alone or with others but it is a fun hobby to share with family and friends.
This audiobook will teach you all about birdwatching. You will learn all the preparations you need to do before you can start birdwatching. This audiobook will discuss the following topics: What Is Bird Watching The History of Bird Watching How To Bird Watch Equipment For Bird Watching Prominent Contributors to Bird Watching Bird Watching Organizations and Societies Bird Watching Etiquette Science and Bird Watching Influences on the Environment Backyard Birding Birding Census Techniques Bird Watching Books And Publications A Personal Tale: Bird Watching 101and many more!
Developing an interest in birds quickly reveals just how intimately connected and concerned we are with other earth’s creatures. If you want to learn more, download your copy today!
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