Martin K. Ettington,Martin Ettington

Building a Successful Professional Coaching Business

TurboCharge your Coaching Business
We know that becoming a successful professional coach is not just about knowing the best new techniques and processes--It's as much about how you use proven techniques to build your business.
Unfortunately, most of the people who decide to become professional coaches get out of the business after only one year because they don't know these techniques and have trouble building a client base.
Through the application of solid business principles and the unique marketing opportunities of what coaching offers clients we can help you to build a successful professional coaching business.
Questions and Answers:
1) Will this book really help my coaching business? This book has a 90 day plan to help you grow your business. These are proven principles which work.
2) Do you need to be a great coach to succeed? No--Being good is good enough. It's all about marketing yourself to clients
This book is divided into three parts as follows:
Getting Started
Building Your Infrastructure
How to build your Clientele
This book is derived from my Longevity Professional Coaching Manual but the steps to take to build any professional coaching business are still the same.
Buy this book today. You will not be disappointed
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