Cass Sunstein

The Ethics of Influence

In recent years, 'nudge units' or 'behavioral insights teams' have been created in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other nations. All over the world, public officials are using the behavioral sciences to protect the environment, promote employment and economic growth, reduce poverty and increase national security.
In this audio book, Cass R. Sunstein, the eminent legal scholar and best-selling coauthor of Nudge (2008), breaks new ground with a deep yet highly listenable investigation into the ethical issues surrounding nudges, choice architecture and mandates, addressing such issues as welfare, autonomy, self-government, dignity, manipulation and the constraints and responsibilities of an ethical state.
Complementing the ethical discussion, The Ethics of Influence: Government in the Age of Behavioral Science contains a wealth of new data on people's attitudes towards a broad range of nudges, choice architecture and mandates.
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