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Itsy Bitsy Christmas

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New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado brings the Christmas message of Jesus’ birth to young children in this Christmas story of God’s love for everyone, even the littlest of His creation.
When Itsy and Bitsy, two charming little mice, hear that a King is coming to Bethlehem, they set off with great enthusiasm to find Him. Along the way, others discourage them saying they are too little and unimportant for any king. Just when Itsy and Bitsy begin to believe they really aren't big enough for the new King, they learn that Christ the King has indeed come for everyone.
With this Advent audiobook, 4 to 7-year-olds will
understand God's great loveknow that He sent His Son for all of us, little or big, young or oldlearn that faith is believing before seeingsee that Jesus is found in the most unlikely places Itsy Bitsy Christmas features
a sweet holiday story about God’s unconditional love from beloved author Max Lucadothe true nativity story reimagined in a fictional narrative through the eyes of two miceThis favorite Christmas book brings to light the beautiful truth of the Christmas season: a King has indeed come for everyone, no matter how big or how small. This encouraging audiobook will stand out with its charming, classic story told in a way that is accessible to small children and is a great faith-building Advent family read or Christmas morning gift.
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Itsy Bitsy Christmas
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