Imelda Stark

Miss Laura's Students

A new Femdom tale from the author of The Man Whisperer Program: Break Your Husband in 30 Days. Apparently, my wife had been faking it. Five years of marriage; two years of dating before that. And the only orgasms she'd had were . . . “of her own creation,” either genuine but the product of toys or her own fingers or simply performances for my benefit. But! She found a solution, a way in which we could remain married, a way in which we could both have our needs met. She made an appointment for us at The Cuckold Clinic and, under the tutelage of Dr. Mortensen our lives were utterly and forever changed. It was terrifying; it was humiliating; and somehow? it also brought me pleasure. That was the worst part. And . . . that was the best part.
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