Soraya Nickens

Life Lessons From a Life Coach

What can you do when being a lifelong caregiver has left nothing for yourself?

How do you persevere when you're young and gifted, but tragedy threatens to steal your motivation?

Where is the silver lining when the one you love may leave you homeless?

What happens when your job is stable, pays well, and has benefits, but it's slowly tearing you apart?

Certified Life Coach, motivational speaker, and television commentator Soraya Nickens has seen it all, and now through these true tales of four triumphant clients, everyday people of various ages and diverse walks of life, she provides you with lessons you can apply to your own unique context.

In Life Lessons From a Life Coach, you'll not only get to know Kai, Penny, Alene, and Hal (and Soraya!), but also get to know more about yourself as you come to journaling pages with question prompts after each story, that help you tap into your inner power, talents, and resilience.
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