Anne Hunt

Weight No More

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Long before traditional medicine began examining the impact the mind has on physical health, America's “father of holistic medicine,” Edgar Cayce, was laying the groundwork for one of the most fascinating truths presented in the 20th century: What one thinks and feels emotionally will find expression in the physical body. Mental patterns can have a direct impact on good physical health or disease. This wisdom reveals that in order to maintain a healthy weight, addressing calories is only half the story. The other half deals with both physiological and psychological factors--which can all be identified, controlled, and conquered! This book can help by: *Helping you identify your unique sources for weight problems; *Offering subconscious stimulators to aid in weight loss; *Revealing your weaknesses and strengths through quizzes; *A diet plan that doesn't hurt! Now you can conquer your weight with a “can do” plan that is full of healthful tips to last a lifetime!
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