Flood of Desire

Celia was in for a shock on the cold
rainy night when her home was destroyed by a breached dam, and she barely
escaped with her life. The teenage boy who shared her refuge on the escaping
train was cute, horny, and seriously built! No one would ever know if she yielded to temptation and seduced him, would they? But she never expected Toby
to be the best lover she’d ever had!

Excerpt ~~~~~

Celia woke to warmth, and the steady rumble of train wheels.
Her entire body ached. How long had she been asleep? she wondered as she cautiously arched her aching spine.

Behind her, Toby stirred a little, and she thought she heard
him suck in a labored breath. She’d been leaning against his wide chest long
enough for them both to dry out. One hour? Two?

What had startled her awake? Had the train rumbled over a crossroads? Had the whistle blown? Had he said something, done something, to rouse her?

His musky scent was all around her like a cloak, radiating
from the sleeping bag and his taut body. Drowsily she inhaled, then released a
soft little moan of pleasure. Liquid heat began to tingle through her belly as
she felt him shift again, and something hot and hard thrust vigorously against
her lower spine. It could only be one thing, and she hadn’t taken a lover in far too long…

Sweet heavens, what was she thinking? Toby wasn’t her lover;
he was a stranded teenage boy whose entire life had been turned upside
down…just like hers had!

Besides, she had to be at least ten years older than him,
maybe more. Surely he couldn’t really be aroused just because she’d fallen
asleep against him!

She didn’t consider herself a cougar, and the very thought
of deliberately seducing a teenage boy horrified her. But his arms were strong
and muscular…a man’s arms…and they were holding her so securely! And it had
been so damned long…

The urge to turn around and explore the muscular contours of his tensed body was incredibly tempting…so instead she deliberately eased away,
and clambered to her feet. The train’s steady vibration was oddly soothing to her jangling nerves.

“Any idea where we are?” she asked, and casually moved
toward the open doorway. Rain was still pounding down outside, and the
windblown mist felt cool and refreshing against her upturned face.

Toby stayed where he was, and she saw that he’d drawn his knees up against his chest. To hide his rigid erection? From the way it had
been jutting against her back, it must be pretty big. Another slow, liquid
tingle rippled through her veins. If only he wasn’t so young…

But really, what difference did that make? They were all alone; no one would ever know. And if surviving a disaster wasn’t reason to celebrate, she didn’t know what was!
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