The Leader's Guide to Storytelling, Stephen Denning
Stephen Denning

The Leader's Guide to Storytelling

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In his best-selling book, Squirrel Inc., former World Bank executive and master storyteller Stephen Denning used a tale to show why storytelling is a critical skill for leaders. Now, in this hands-on guide, Denning explains how you can learn to tell the right story at the right time. Whoever you are in the organization CEO, middle management, or someone on the front lines you can lead by using stories to effect change. Filled with myriad examples, A Leader’s Guide to Storytelling shows how storytelling is one of the few available ways to handle the principal and most difficult challenges of leadership: sparking action, getting people to work together, and leading people into the future. The right kind of story at the right time, can make an organization “stunningly vulnerable” to a new idea.
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Кристина Дьяченко
Кристина Дьяченкоalıntı yaptı3 yıl önce
Storytelling and leadership are both performance arts, and like all performance arts, they involve at least as much doing as thinking
Asel Kambalova
Asel Kambalovaalıntı yaptı4 yıl önce
The virtues of sharpness, rigor, clarity, explicitness, and crispness are everywhere celebrated.
kemijalıntı yaptı4 yıl önce
the best way to communicate with people you are trying to lead is very often through a story

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