The Four Hand Movement: How the Hand Talks

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Meeting new people can be a nervous undertaking, even for the most confident and extroverted person. It’s even worse for the shy and withdrawn. Still, we can’t go through life completely alone. Instead, we must find a way to understand the people we meet and connect with them on different levels of love, friendship, and business.

The Four Hand Movement is a guidebook to connecting with certain people based on the shape of their hand. There are only four basic hand shapes in the whole world. No matter where you come from, this holds true. Based on hand shape, this guidebook will enlighten you as to what kind of person you connect to most and in what capacity.

For you, certain hand shapes will be compatible for a perspective lover, while a different shape could mean friend or even successful business partner. In some cases, you might even fall into the category of “opposites attract,” and in that case, go in a different direction than you might have expected.
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