Nigel Tranter,Ian Hamilton

A Touch of Treason

This is the swashbuckling life story of one of Scotland's greatest sons. Ian Hamilton, born the son of a Paisley tailor in 1925, who made himself world-famous on Xmas Eve, 1950, when he helped to remove the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey and return it to its spiritual home of Scotland.This symbolic act was to set Hamilton along a lonely path as a solitary Scottish patriot whose actions have always stemmed from his deep love of his native land. He has never taken the easy option and his remarkable biography recounts episodes which encompass his many abilities and talents.Although renowned as a Queen's Counsel, he has also been a publisher, printer, award-winning playwright, oyster farmer, pilot, museum curator and transatlantic yachtsman (failed). He was also the first man to canoe across Scotland. His legal responsibilities took him to countries as diverse as Canada and Zambia, from both of which he was expelled. First published in 1990 but now with a final chapter written in May 2014 and a foreword by socialist agitator and independence campaigner Tommy Sheridan, Ian's story is extremely pertinent in the run up to the independence referendum.This popular biography is a cry for Scottish identity at a turning point in the nation's history.
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