Trevor's Truth 3

In Part 1 & 2 of Trevor’s Truth we’ve met Trevor and Millie who were each other’s teenage crushes. Fate kept them apart for more than a decade, but now Millie has taken it upon herself to make a trip into her own sexuality. She has signed up for a course at a posh sex club, Piacere, in L.A. What she doesn’t know is that her first “tutor” a master of the club is the one and only Trevor from her past.  Trevor is back in L.A. After years overseas building two thriving businesses. He has kept his long-term friendship with Justin, Millie’s brother and now that he’s back in the city of angels he’s also invited to family dinners just as old times. Seeing Millie that first night in the club he knew that he was playing with fire by not revealing his identity. But one taste is never enough, and he needs another sample and another before coming clean.In Part 3 Millie’s journey is taking her to the corners of her sexual exploitation. Every week before Friday’s session she receives an elegant black lacquered box with outfit and instructions for the specific session. Millie has never had the urge to explore sex with another woman but is urged to do so in this week’s session. Has Trevor kept up the charade long enough? How fragile is their new found love outside the club? Remember to listen to the Spotify playlist Trevor’s Truth while reading. All my books have their own exclusive playlists.Author's note“How did I come up with the topic? “A Sex Education” or as Trevor and James have adeptly named it SexUcation. Even in the year 2019, there’s still a lot of taboo around women owning their sexuality and being in touch with their needs. I loved building a story around men seeing it as just as important that a woman knows what she wants, how and when, and them teaching us to be as open about our sexuality as they are. Let the journey begin.” Writer L. ShermanMilliePastRays of sunshine peeked through the curtains caressing Trevor’s muscular back. It was still early morning, and the quiet of the dawn seeped through the walls. The sheets were a tangled mess around his waist. I withheld my urge to stroke a hand down his smooth tan skin. He was in a deep sleep, head slightly turned to the left where I could see the shadow of his lashes on his cheeks. I’d dreamed about being this close to him for years. Never in a million had I thought it was going to happen. Soundlessly I sighed not wanting to wake him and eased back onto the pillow letting my mind drift to last night.“Hey, where are we going?” I’d laughed at Trevor who had grabbed me by the hand and started dragging me with him. I reluctantly followed insecure about what this entailed.“Hush, now,” he said with a serious demeanor. “You don’t want to attract too many people’s attention, do you now?” Trevor kept my hand in a tight grip as we weaved through the partying masses.He had led me to the beach house off to the side of the main house and right on the beach. It was a small and cozy guest house with a bedroom, bath, and small kitchenette. I hadn’t uttered another word too afraid to break the moment and intimidated by his unexpected behavior, but yet intrigued. In the dimly lit entrance, he had turned toward me, “Millie, this can’t be more than now, but I can’t leave you without knowing.” I had been taken completely off guard when his mouth had crashed on mine. There had been nothing sweet or innocent about our first kiss. My fingers caressed my still swollen lips. His lips had come on hard and without asking permission his tongue had probed my willing lips open and entered into a frantic dance of their own. I’d happily inched as close as I could to him leaving no doubt that I was as into this as he was.MilliePresentGiddy as a school girl I started prepping for my third night of debauchery at the club: Piacere. A nervous wreck was probably a more appropriate description of my state of mind. The other two Fridays had been with men, and I'd known beforehand, not that I was a prude, but had I wanted to explore my sexuality with girls I'd had the opportunity back in the wilder days of college with fewer boundaries than in my so-called grown-up life.If I couldn't play along with Piacere's program all I had to do was turn down the topic of the night, and a new challenge would be assigned. However, the owners encouraged keeping an open-mind and had assured me that nothing I wouldn't enjoy was going to take place. It was truly all about my pleasure.I pulled up the skinny jeans, tugged in the shirt and put on the glasses before tying the Chucks' laces. My hair was once again up in a high ponytail adding to the college girl impression I wanted to play along with.
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