Marti Murphy

Forbidden Emotions

In this groundbreaking book, Marti Murphy takes us on a deep dive into our emotional landscape. We come installed with a full palette of emotions, but our culture teaches us that some and bad and should not be felt.
Marti calls them forbidden emotions.
Emotions we tell ourselves it is not okay to fell because we learned to reject them. Hatred. Rage. Despair. Even joy. The list goes on.
What happens when you slowly feel deeper? It frees your physical body from all your suppressed emotions. You heal emotionally, spiritually, even physically.
Marti's story of how-after a client delved deeper into her emotions and negative beliefs helped heal a deadly physical ailment-is a testament to the power of feeling your emotions.
In Forbidden Emotions, Marti unmasks what emotional health can mean and shows how a surprising, slightly strange, but highly effective mind-body technique assists in creating inner freedom.
This book is real, raw, and rewarding. It is a must-read, but only if you want improved health, better relationships, and a more fulfilled life.

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    Menna Abu Zahraalıntı yaptı5 ay önce
    Your Thoughts ➞ Create Your Emotions ➞ Create Your Beliefs
    Menna Abu Zahraalıntı yaptı5 ay önce
    This sequence of electrical impulses is what we call thinking. A thought would then be the electrical impulse that gets wired into your brain. Thoughts themselves get wired into your brain.
    Menna Abu Zahraalıntı yaptı5 ay önce
    What is a thought, really? According to neuroscience, a thought is the process of an electrical impulse in your brain that stimulates some part of it, prompting another electrical impulse.

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