Vonda McIntyre

The Starfarers Series Books 3–4

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The final two books in “the most important series in science fiction” from the New York Times–bestselling author of Dreamsnake (Ursula K. Le Guin, author of the Earthsea series).
Cast out from interstellar civilization, the crew of the Starfarer encounters an extraterrestrial whose reputation is equally bad: the squidmoth. Contact specialist J.D. Sauvage risks her life to befriend the creature, trusting her instincts instead of the warnings of the alien human. The welcome Sauvage receives and the connection she makes will help her overcome her innate fears and prejudices, and she will be given a gift that will save her from being left behind in an empty star system—as well as redeem the Starfarer and its mission . . .
After their encounter with the squidmoth, and with their ecosystem immunized by the alien human, the crew of the Starfarer makes contact with representatives from the Four Worlds. J.D. Sauvage is sent to meet the furry creatures—as large as lions and as lithe as otters. They have been waiting for humans for a long time. But there is something they want from the Starfarer team: Earth’s one advantage over space civilization—a new, faster algorithm for interstellar navigation.
Praise for the Starfarers Series
“McIntyre is a master SF stylist, creating well-rounded, believable and distinctive characters, and she excels at lush descriptions that allow the reader to visualize the action.” —Publishers Weekly
“The series features a diverse cast, especially for its 1989 debut date, and a series of interstellar hijinks, the likes of which only McIntyre could conjure.” —Tor.com
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