Anita Fennelly

Blasket Spirit – Stories from the Islands

Seeking solitude after personal crisis, Anita Fennelly spent a summer alone on the Great Blasket Island. This is her story, written by candelight, of personal healing and recovery interwoven with the island stories, its people, places and wildlife. Anita weaves a tapestry of tales: ghost stories told by the fireside, stories of love and betrayal, stories celebrating womanhood. Ultimately, Anita's own story is one of survival and hope. Blasket Spirit reveals a timeless place where the souls of the past and present are inextricably linked with the emotional and physical struggles of island life.
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    Mary Murphybir izlenim paylaşıldı5 yıl önce

    Beautifully written with a warmth and both heart and soul should be read to be enjoyed

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