Benny Hinn

The Anointing

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Do you want an anointing on your life?
Don't miss the moment.
The moment could be now.
In The Anointing, Benny Hinn shows those of you who hunger for this precious anointing on your life how to prepare for it and the marvelous effects God's touch will have on your life.
The Anointing picks up where the international bestseller Good Morning, Holy Spirit leaves off leading you to a vital, life-changing experience with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and introducing you to the power of God so you can act in that power.
Hinn outlines the seven keys to realizing the anointing in your life:

Meeting and knowing Jesus as a personAccepting Jesus as the sacrifice for your failings, inadequacies, and sinsUnderstanding the BiblePreparing for persecutionBeing open to personal revelationGiving yourself totally to GodPraying with boldnessAs a result of following the principles in The Anointing, you will begin to feel God's presence in a way you never dreamed possible. You will sense God walking with and near you and will be able to speak, witness, and live each day in God's loving power.
This edition includes a study guide for individual or group use.
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