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The prevalence of dental caries in primary teeth in most world countries is very high. That is strange, to say the least, İs dental caries is a preventable disease. Why is a preventable disease so prevalent?
The answer is related, among others, to socio-economic status, level of education of the mother and cultural habits of the children. What research has told us is that placing restorations is not the answer to the abundance of cavities present in these children. Dental caries is a sugar-driven biofilm-related disease that can be controlled through
following a healthy life-style. Removal of dental biofilm regularly from tooth surfaces is known to reduce the
prevalence of dental carious lesions. Controlling the dental biofilm is, therefore, paramount important in the fight against the development of carious lesions. This implies that removal of biofilm from within cavities can be a successful treatment in controlling carious lesion progression. Suitable cavities
should be accessible, the pulp be healthy and symptomless and the biofilm should be removed daily. That requires understanding, practice, assistance from parents and support from dentists. This treatment has been researched and found having merits but more studies are needed to fully understand when and when not to apply this cavity treatment in children’s primary teeth.
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