The Poetry Of Trees, William Blake
William Blake

The Poetry Of Trees

Although there is no definitive definition we all know what they are. At their most magisterial they can reach hundreds of feet into the air and be thousands of years old. But for many the visual structure they bring to our landscape in all their various heights and colours; their contribution to the seasons – stark branches, vivid leaves at birth and death is how we relate to them. For the poets here in this collection trees are a source of inspiration and give us much to contemplate
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Nicté Toxqui
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Nicté Toxqui
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Yes; I was tired, but not at heart;
Levanalıntı yaptı3 yıl önce
There-peace once more; the restless roar
Of troubled cities dies away.
``Welcome to our broad shade once more,''
The dear old woodlands seem to say.

The sweet suggestions of the wind,
That spake in whispers, now are stilled;
The songless branches all remind
That summer's glory is fulfilled.

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