Chuck Morgan

Crime Unsolved

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While a forest fire rages out of control in a pristine Colorado forest, CBI Agent Buck Taylor, dealing with the death of his wife from breast cancer, is called back to duty by the Governor of Colorado to find the arsonists responsible for setting fire to a multimillion-dollar fishing lodge and causing the forest fire.
While investigating the lodge fire as well as a couple fracking site fires that might be related, Buck and his team uncover a scheme to dispose of illegal chemical waste in some of the newly drilled oil wells and uncover the murder of a rogue DEA agent who was investigating a prescription drug ring.  Connected to all these crimes is a billionaire hedge fund owner who could care less about the law and whose only interest is the thrill of making more money, any way he can.
Complicating this case even further; Buck might end up arresting his brother in law, who is connected to all these crimes through his business relationship with the hedge fund owner.
In a dramatic conclusion, Buck must fight for his life while his team fights to defend a small town from the fast-approaching wildfire.

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