A Strangeness in My Mind, Orhan Pamuk
Orhan Pamuk

A Strangeness in My Mind

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From the Nobel Prize winner and best-selling author of Snow and My Name Is Red: a soaring, panoramic new novel--his first since The Museum of Innocence--telling the unforgettable tale of an Istanbul street vendor and the love of his life.
Since his boyhood in a poor village in Central Anatolia, Mevlut Karataş has fantasized about what his life would become. Not getting as far in school as he'd hoped, at the age of twelve, he comes to Istanbul--"the center of the world"--and is immediately enthralled both by the city being demolished and the new one that is fast being built. He follows his father's trade, selling boza (a traditional Turkish drink) on the street, and hoping to become rich, like other villagers who have settled the desolate hills outside the booming metropolis. But chance seems to conspire against him. He spends three years writing love letters to a girl he saw just once at a wedding, only to elope by mistake with her…
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Aldia Assemkul
Aldia Assemkulalıntı yaptıgeçen yıl
mind kept working unbidden, trying to figure out what mistake he had made to find himself here

разум продолжал работать непрошено, пытаясь понять, какую ошибку он совершил, оказавшись здесь.

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In English, Aldia Assemkul
Aldia Assemkul
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