HEIDI, Johanna Spyri
Johanna Spyri


Heidi tells the story: Heidi was born in a small village, at the foot of the beautiful Alps. She lost her parents since childhood and was brought up by her aunt until 5 years old. Later, her aunt, for the sake of her own living, had to sent Heidi to her grandfather living on the mountain. Her grandfather looks harsh but is emotional inside. Unwilling to hear people's gossip, he lived alone in a mountain pasture. Since then, the pure, simple and innocent little Heidi together with a small shepherd Peter on the mountain every day, bouncing in flowers and grass clusters, watching spectacular sunsets on Alps and freely soaring eagle…… The pure and kind Heidi treated others sincerely and friendly, which made her depressed, eccentric grandfather regain vitality; helped sickly Clara defeat the disease and stand up again; and filled a blind grandmother's inner heart with sunshine…… The author also describes the Alps colorful natural beauty and the simple and deep local customs in vivid writing techniques, full of strong flavors of life. “Heidi” shows the readers wonderful pieces of Alps style pictures. During reading, it can make people have a good feelings of loving nature, life, home and even our motherland.
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