J. K. Rowling

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

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    When his wand’s oak and hers is holly,
    Then to marry would be folly
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    To the astonishment of her Muggle guards, who were later tried for helping the witch to escape, Lisette vanished from her prison cell the night before she was due to be executed. Although it has never been proven that Lisette was an Animagus who managed to squeeze through the bars of her cell window, a large white rabbit was subsequently seen crossing the English Channel in a cauldron with a sail fitted to it, and a similar rabbit later became a trusted advisor at the court of King Henry
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    As the eminent wizarding philosopher Bertrand de Pensées-Profondes writes in his celebrated work A Study into the Possibility of Reversing the Actual and Metaphysical Effects of
    Natural Death, with Particular Regard to the
    Reintegration of Essence and Matter: “Give it up. It’s
    never going to happen.”
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    To hurt is as human as to breathe
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    This exchange marked the beginning of Mr Malfoy’s long campaign to have me removed from my post as Headmaster of Hogwarts, and of mine to have him removed from his position as Lord Voldemort’s Favourite Death Eater.

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    Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington (a wizard at the royal court in his lifetime, and in his death-time, ghost of Gryffindor Tower) was stripped of his wand before being locked in a dungeon, and was unable to magic himself out of his execution
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    Influential wizards of the day, such as Brutus Malfoy, editor of Warlock at War, an anti-Muggle periodical
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    Hairy Snout, Human Heart, a heartrending account of one man's struggle with lycanthropy.
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    first of Adalbert Warning's Fundamental Laws of Magic:

    Tamper with the deepest mysteries - the source of life, the essence of self- only if prepared for consequences of the most extreme and dangerous kind.
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