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Samantha LaCroix

Taking My Daddy #26

Time for some hot new stories about
men of the house banging their little brats!
I know what you want. You want to read 28 stories about men of the house with their hard schlongs giving it deep
and unprotected to their cute little brats. Well, that happens to be exactly
what I've got here!
This'll make you hornier than
Excerpt ~~~~~
Jared sits on the living room couch,
watching TV. He's rocking back and forth, and his leg is jiggling. The only
people in the house are him and Jasmine, his 18-year old daughter.
Jasmine sits, staring at her Science
textbook, pretending to read.
The strange thing for Jasmine is that, whenever she's masturbated lately, she's found herself thinking about her daddy. She'd never had thoughts about him like that before, but ever since she turned 18 she hasn't been able to stop herself. And she hasn't come as hard
thinking about anything else either.
Jared gets up and finds himself
craving a cup of coffee. There's a pot in the kitchen leftover from this
morning. Maybe it's still good.
“Hey honey,” he calls out to Jasmine. “Want a cup of coffee?”
“Oh yeah, that would be great,
thanks,” she says, and Jared hears his daughter get up from where she's
studying. She comes into the kitchen just as he fixes them both a cup, and she takes it, thanking him.
The two sip their coffee in silence,
and Jared can't help but admire his little girl: both for how smart she is, and for how beautiful she's become. Ever since she turned 18 she's looked
incredible, and he has to admit that he's caught her looking at him once or twice before. She's a virgin, he knows that, but that doesn't stop her from
being sexy.
Jasmine looks up and sees her daddy
watching her, but he doesn't look away. Neither of them do. They put their mugs
down and turn, face one another. It's as though all the signs have been
pointing to this moment, and they have to take it now.
“You know, Jasmine,” Jared
says to his little girl. “I just can't get over what a smart, beautiful
young woman you've become.”
“Oh, thank you daddy,”
Jasmine says to her daddy. “That means a lot to me.”
She wraps her arms around him, pulling
him into a hug. Jared hugs her back, feeling her tiny breasts press up into his chest. When they break off from the hug it's only enough for them to look at each other. Jasmine's looking up deeply into her daddy's eyes, and he's looking
deeply down into hers.
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