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Natural Antibiotics! Discover This Guide About How To Effectively Use Natural Antibiotics For Beginner's

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An herbalist often presents a series of prescribed herbs
that are effective in curing a wide range of antibiotic-resistant diseases—
including meningitis, ear infections, and pneumonia--and suggestions on making,
using, and drinking herbal remedies, teas, or infusions from aloe vera,
echinacea, ginger, milk thistle, black cohosh, motherwort, and many more.
Traditional homeopathic treatment is also suggested. The National Herbalists
Association offers several courses on herbal medicine. Original course
materials are available in the form of books (with CD's) and on videotapes.

Detoxifying your body with herbal medicine is one of the
most important steps in keeping your immune system healthy. In this regard,
there are some herbs that do more than detoxify; some act as antioxidants to protect cells from the oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental
irritants, such as smoke, air pollution, extreme temperatures, chemicals,
pesticides, excessive alcohol, nicotine, and drugs. These “natural
antioxidants” can boost the immune system so that it can perform its primary function-which is to attack viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and parasites. This is how to keep your body healthy by taking herbs to boost your
immune system.

Antibiotics can reduce the harmful effects of bacterial
infections. In theory, they kill off bacteria or fungus by producing oxygen in the environment they are living in. The problem is that some types of bacteria
are immune to standard antibiotics, which explains why so many people get infections in their gut or on their skin. Herbal antibiotics have the same
effect on bacteria as antibiotics do on healthy tissue; therefore, it is very
important to use herbal antibiotics (or a combination of herbs and antibiotics)
in your defense against yeast infections, athlete's foot, urinary tract
infection, pneumonia, food poisoning, etc.
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