C.W. Kilmister,G. Stephenson

Special Relativity for Physicists

“Even in the most technical sections, the authors' writing is delightfully lucid, and they give many applications to classical and modern physics … Undergraduates, and those who require some understanding of special relativity for their work in other fields, will find this elegant work a pleasure to read.” — Technology
This concise account of special relativity is geared toward nonspecialists and belongs in the library of anyone interested in the subject and its applications to both classical and modern physics. The treatment takes a historical point of view, without making heavy demands on readers' mathematical abilities; in fact, the theory is developed without the use of tensor calculus, requiring only a working knowledge of three-dimensional vector analysis. Topics include detailed coverage of the Lorentz transformation, including optical and dynamical applications, and applications to modern physics. An excellent bibliography completes this compact, accessible presentation.
657 yazdırılmış sayfalar
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