Lynette Anderson

Stitch It For Spring

Projects that capture the colors and comforts of spring from the popular fabric designer and author of Country Cottage Quilting.
A gorgeous collection of spring-themed quilting and stitching designs from top designer Lynette Anderson, including table runners, wall hangings, and larger quilts, as well as smaller, quick-to-stitch gifts, all featuring Lynette’s fabric range from Lecien. In a book designed to capture Lynette’s heartwarming and quirky style, beautiful fabrics, fresh colors, and cute motifs are used to create such projects as: Birdhouse Blossoms Picture, Garden Delights Table Centre, Dreaming Tree Journal, Hexagon Handbag, Night Owl Purse, Night and Day Charms, Spring Flower Quilt, and Sweet Rabbit Tea Towel.
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