Inderpreet Kaur

Seduction 0f Inderpreet seducer of seducers – Another Platitudinous Upanishad

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Your Seduction for Gaining THE POST OF YOUR NARRATOR

Truth is one but to understand it, it must be viewed Relatively. For instance, take the Solar System as an example. In the Solar System, the Planet Earth is constantly revolving, has already been posited by Scientists. However, this truth holds meaning for the observer only when viewing it in relation to the Sun, while when viewing against oneself, the truth that has meaning, is that it is static. Just as capturing truth as a fact is a scientist's job, capturing truth that is relevant to the observer is a Poet's job. So, this book too is structured in a way that we experience reality relative to the events happening in the Universe of our Heroin Mayuri. What essence makes someone be named Mayuri? Well first, this name is used for a Peafowl in Sanskrit. Like a Peafowl when dancing in the rain, excited spreads its tail as a fan displaying vast palette of rich colors in its divine glory, the Heroin too has a deep belief of preparing oneself for all different possibilities in their divine glory, so that when one is faced with any of those curve balls that life throws, one is not caught pants down! Enough chatter over the name of the Heroin of this Drama, when this  name is just a label for the Values that are also present in all people as afterall we all are sailing in the same boat as her, so wisely we now jump on to the next topic!

What makes my experience the right fit for delivering the message embedded in this book is that I am blessed to be one of the those very few who have the right mix of the power of the tongue and the right amount of exposure to both the East and the Western ways of living, that is needed for uniting the East and the West to follow the same Laws which favor the Eternal Laws, similar to what the Vedas have stated, otherwise this beautiful World will not be there anymore …

Why even bother gathering knowledge from varied sources when all of them have to tell the same lies just wrapped in different flowery words? Knowledge received from such sources is not just harmful but outright dangerous! Unfortunately, the work of most Authors is like that pot-bellied Priest teaching other's lessons in austerity and thus here is another platitudinous Upanishad to fulfill that void! This work is an attempt of saving Human from this great fire of low-frequency Forces that is mercilessly devouring any and everything that comes it way! This fire is unlike the regular fire which reduces everything to ash but is cunning as it consumes the inside while deceiving the individual of not even the one be aware of its losses!
Each person starts gaining experience in the Art of Living from the moment the individual comes in one's conscious state right after jumping from the mother's womb, all the way to the deathbed! In this book, certain fictional characters, inspired by real-life experiences are being used as tools to illustrate proven methods that have been gained through experience for protecting our diamond life from getting wasted in just serving our vain mortal needs!
This literary work will help you identify those compromising situations and how to tackle them to safeguard your Heart, in this age where every Heart is getting replaced with stones at an alarming pace!

What makes this task unique is that this task can be by the very few chosen ones who have their energy levels so activated that like a serpent shedding its old skin to transform into a new skin, they too have gained this ability of shedding their biases over mortal skins of gender, color, nationality, taxonomies, thus becoming Shunya(The Sanskrit term for zero) and what remains is the eye which can now see the Obvious!
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