David Mitchell

The Bone Clocks

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Olga Deryuginaalıntı yaptı10 ay önce
“She has four sons,” Nurse Purvis leads me on, “all with a London post code, but they never visit. You’d think old age was a criminal offense, not a destination we’re all heading to.”
Olga Deryuginaalıntı yaptı10 ay önce
I think about pinball, and how being a kid’s like being shot up the firing lane and there’s no veering left or right; you’re just sort of propelled. But once you clear the top, like when you’re sixteen, seventeen, or eighteen, suddenly there’s a thousand different paths you can take, some amazing, others not. Tiny little differences in angles and speed’ll totally alter what happens to you later
Olga Deryuginaalıntı yaptı10 ay önce
This is peace, if you think about it—machine-gun nests being used as picnic tables.
Yves Tanguyalıntı yaptı6 yıl önce
he feeds a skeleton key into the keyhole
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