Amanda Walker


Yoga is an excellent way to calm and relax the mind, whilst strengthening and improving the body. You don't need to pay a whole heap of money to do yoga at a studio or gym — you can begin simply at home with the wide array of poses provided in this book!
Inside, you will learn all about yoga, its history, and all of its amazing benefits.
Included, are a large range of beginner poses, complete with instructions and pictures to help make it easy for you to master.
Once you have accomplished the beginner poses, there is also a section on advanced poses included. This also has detailed instructions accompanied by pictures of the poses.
Download today and within no time you could be more relaxed, focused, fit, healthy, and flexible — all as a result of having fun with yoga!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…

What Is Yoga?
History Of Yoga
Benefits Of Yoga
Yoga Poses For Beginners
Advanced Yoga Poses
Much, Much More!
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