Jochen Wirtz

Understanding Service Consumers

<!-- <description> -->In services marketing, it is important to understand why customers behave the way they do. How do they make decisions about buying and using a service? What determines their satisfaction with it after consumption? Without this understanding, no firm can hope to create and deliver services that will result in satisfied customers who will buy again. Understanding Service Consumers is the first volume in the Winning in Service Markets Series by services marketing expert Jochen Wirtz. Scientifically grounded, accessible and practical, the Winning in Service Markets Series bridges the gap between cutting-edge academic research and industry practitioners, and features best practices and latest trends on services marketing and management from around the world.
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<!-- <readership> -->Readership: Business and Marketing students at MBA and eMBA level; marketing professionals and practitioners.<!-- </readership> -->
Services Marketing;Marketing;Consumer Behavior;Positioning Services;Service Process;Service Environment;Service Advantage;Customer Relationships;Managing Relationship and Building Loyalty;Complaint Handling;Service Recovery;Service Excellence;Service Quality and Productivity; Service LeadershipKey Features:There are many books on service management in the market, but most are narrowly focused and/or based on anecdotal evidence. This new book is the first to rigorously cover key aspects of services marketing and management, and that is routed in sound academic research. This book bridges the gap between cutting-edge academic research and practitionersThe book makes extant academic knowledge easily accessible. For example, each chapter features an organizational framework that provides an overview of core concepts at a glance, and it ends with a succinct chapter summary in bullet pointsThe book features global best practices and latest trends; it takes on a global perspective with about 40% of all examples originating from the Americas, 30% from Europe and 30% from Asia
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    The three-stage model of service consumption — prepurchase, service encounter, and post-encounter — helps us to understand how individuals recognize their needs; search for alternative solutions; address perceived risks; choose, use, and experience a particular service; and finally, evaluate their service experience resulting in a customer satisfaction outcome.
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    The SERVQUAL scale includes five dimensions: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy.
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    Understanding the customer

    Making the effort to know customers and their needs

    Does someone in the hotel recognize me as a regular guest?
    Does my stockbroker try to determine my specific financial objectives?
    Is the moving company willing to accommodate my schedule?

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