Old Natural Ways,Rebecca Hartman

Auschwitz – Discover the Gruesome Encounters of the Holocaust Prisoners and How They Used Positive Thinking to Overcome Frightful Experiences and to Escape from the Concentration Cam

The horrid acts of Auschwitz concentration camp are something that really needs no introduction. It is nearly impossible to discuss this topic with someone that does not know at least a few points about it while still having a full understanding of the horror of the acts done there. The acts, if applied to any other context, may be restricted to older populous, but even children grow up knowing about the genocide of World War II.Everyone knows of the diary of Ann Frank which portrays a girl being moved around during the Holocaust and eventually going to a concentration camp.Even the timeless Hollywood classic of Schindler’s List portrays the difficult time that the inmates had while being imprisoned at this time. The History channel among many other platforms of history, horrid acts of humanity or war spares no detail to these atrocities.Regardless of this, it would be impolite for me to begin this book without briefly outlining the facts of Auschwitz. Even if you are already aware, at least these will set the scene and provide you the most miniscule perspective of the people that endured (and for those that could not) through this absolutely horrible point in history to realize exactly what they had to cope with to get through.
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