Ken McDonald

Here Comes The Bride

Is a local, Baptist church the bride of Christ? Did John the Baptist start the first Baptist church with Jesus as one of his members? Is a saved Methodist, Lutheran or Catholic in the bride of Christ? What is the Baptist Bride heresy?
You may wonder at the absurdity of these questions, and yet the Baptist Bride heresy is a predominate belief amongst many Baptist churches.
From years of experience and much study, Ken McDonald writes to refute this heresy. With actual quotes from men such as Dr. Jack Hyles, Pastor James R. Love, Dr. Thomas Cassidy, Roy Mason and others, you will begin to see the seriousness and proliferation of this belief. Ken McDonald then takes you on, and shows you from the words of God (AV 1611) the faults and deceptions of the Baptist Bride heresy.
This book is a Bible study that covers such topics as the seven baptisms in the word of God.  The spiritual and doctrinal standing of a person from the moment they are born again.  The practical and spiritual state that a person can be in when they are born again.  The difference between the spiritual and the physical in regards to a believer and the church.  And lastly it covers the distinct Baptist beliefs that set the Baptists apart from all other denominations and religions in the world.
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