Nations and Nationalism Since 1780: Programme, Myth, Reality, Eric Hobsbawm
Eric Hobsbawm

Nations and Nationalism Since 1780: Programme, Myth, Reality

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Review«…Hobsbawm’s deft demystifications will provoke debate and provide good reading. Again.» Eugen Weber, University of California at Los Angeles, Critical Review

«…a brilliant exploration into the shifting, evolving role of nations and nationalism in modern history, most importantly in Europe.» Kirkus Reviews

«Appearing just when reform in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union is being threatened by emergent nationalism, Eric Hobsbawm’s inquiry is particularly timely…succinct and masterly.» Roy Porter, New Statesman and Society

«Hobsbawm, a grand master of comparative historical sociology, commands attention by his name alone. But this superb essay adds further luster to a reputation which really needs no further polish; he offers a lucid and succinct overview of the changing meanings of the idea of nationalism, and its impact upon the political world….The book sparkles with captivating insights about the intinerary of nation and state since 1780.» The Review of Politics

«…a fascinating account of the history of nationalism and the modern nation.» Gyorgy Csepeli, Nationalities Papers

Product DescriptionEric Hobsbawm’s brilliant enquiry into the question of nationalism won further acclaim for his ’colossal stature … his incontrovertible excellence as an historian, and his authoritative and highly readable prose’. Recent events in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics have since reinforced the central importance of nationalism in the history of political evolution and upheaval. This second edition has been updated in the light of those events, with a final chapter addressing the impact of the dramatic changes that have taken place. It also includes additional maps to illustrate nationalities, languages and political divisions across Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
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