Letters From Prison, Marquis de Sade
Marquis de Sade

Letters From Prison

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An intimate journey through the mind of one of history’s most infamous, scandalous, and still relevant literary figures.
Over two centuries after his death, the writings of the Marquis de Sade remain as controversial as ever. His unceasing championing of absolute freedom, unchecked by laws, religion, or morality, led to his imprisonment for much of his life. Translated by Sadean scholar Richard Seaver, this astounding collection of letters from de Sade, written primarily to his wife and despised mother-in-law, reveal a new side to one of history’s great thinkers. Spanning the years 1777–1790, these correspondences bring a human dimension to the legend of de Sade.
Seaver’s translations retain the aristocratic hauteur of Sade’s prose, which still possesses a clarity that any reader can appreciate. For those interested in learning about the man responsible for some of the most infamous philosophical fiction in history, Letters from Prison is an indispensable collection that offers insights into society, religion, morals, politics, and the ways of men and women.
“These stunning epistles show a man who suffered endlessly in prison, but who never lost his spirit, finding solace in the written word.” —Publishers Weekly
Includes 16 pages of photos
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