If He's Tempted, Hannah Howell
    Kidnapped by the Highland Rogue, Terri Brisbin
    Hide Her Name, Nadine Dorries
    Zemindar, Valerie Fitzgerald
    The Runaway Family, Diney Costeloe
    Savage Horizons, Rosanne Bittner
    As Time Goes By, Annie Groves
    The Lady's Maid, Dilly Court
    A Pregnancy Scandal, Kat Cantrell
    The Bride of Rosecliffe, Rexanne Becnel
    The Homecoming, Raine Cantrell
    Mogul, Joanna Shupe
    Joanna Shupe
    • 11
    Texas Bride, Rosanne Bittner
    Rumors that Ruined a Lady, Marguerite Kaye
    From Ex to Eternity, Kat Cantrell
    Jam And Roses, Mary Gibson
    If He's Wild, Hannah Howell
    The Wedding Bargain, YVONNE LINDSAY
    Minding Her Boss's Business, Janice Maynard
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