David Foster Wallace

Ralphy the Rabbit

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Ralphy goes on a journey where he discovers what he thought was a flaw in himself is actually something unique that makes him special.
Poor Ralphy the Rabbit always felt he was different. He hated his ears and couldn’t hop as fast as the other baby rabbits in the pet store. None of the kids ever selected him. One day, a curly-haired girl named Marta locked gazes with him and they knew they were meant for each other.
Fun times lay ahead for Ralphy in his new home, hopping on the family furniture and getting carrot cake treats from Marta. But the good times are interrupted when Momma Sarah brings home an injured cat named Oscar. All of Marta’s attention now turns to helping Oscar recover.
Then Ralphy and Goldie the Fish discover that Oscar faked his injury to get into their home. They watch Oscar swing on the living room curtains. Oscar teases Ralphy about his ears and teeth, and threatens to eat Goldie.
Ralphy wants his friend Marta back. He doesn’t like being locked in his cage. One day on TV, a rabbit in a hat catches his attention. He watches Marvin the Magician turn a rabbit into a little girl. That’s it. Ralphy wants to be human. It will fix everything. His ears would look normal. He could tell Marta the truth about Oscar. He would be her favorite again.
The problem? Marvin the Magician lives in the flea market that’s far away.
Join Ralphy and Oscar on an entertaining journey to reach Marvin the Magician that teaches them about creativity, friendship, acceptance, and above all, about feeling better about themselves.
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