Marion Zimmer Bradley

Falcons of Narabedla

Falcons of Narabedla is a science fiction novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley set in the universe of her Darkover series.

The novel concerns a person who is transported into the future and an alien world where Terrans and Darkovans have meshed and become decadent.

Somewhere on the Time Ellipse, Mike Kenscott became Adric of the Scarlet Tower, and the only way to return to his own identity was to find the Keep of the Dreamer, and loose the terrible Falcons of Narabedla.

The name “Narabedla” is the name of the star “Aldebaran” spelled backwards.

Falcons of Narabedla was first published in book form in 1964, the story first appeared in the May 1957 issue of the magazine Other Worlds.

Also available as audiobook, total running time: 3 hours, 3 min. Reading by Mark Nelson.

Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley (1930–1999) was an American author of fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series.
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