John Johnson,Howard Swann

Prof. E. McSquared's Calculus Primer

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“Highly recommended.” — The Times (London) Educational Supplement“It will delight both young and old.” — The American Mathematical Monthly“A truly lively and unusual, not to mention precise, textbook.” — New York Public Library“The calculus book looks great. There has never been anything like it.” — Martin Gardner, longtime author of the “Mathematical Games” column for Scientific AmericanFilled with humorous illustrations as well as lively and absorbing mathematical learning, this calculus comic book requires only a familiarity with high school algebra and a sense of humor. Prof. E. McSquared introduces each concept in differential calculus in the form of a memorable character and helps readers develop their intuitive powers. A lifesaver for struggling students and a treat for the mathematically minded, the book includes helpful exercises and complete solutions.
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