L. Shelby

Flag in Flames

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Romance is rough, when you're never more than thirty feet away from certain death.
Bonnie Anne Talon is the daughter of one of the founding members of the Brotherhood of the Black Flag, a fleet of space pirates. She grew up stealing all her food—and even the very oxygen she needs to breathe—from other spaceships.  Never having experienced 'civilized' life, (or even having set foot on a planet), she is expecting trouble from the other pirates when her own crew her elects her captain.  But she could never have guessed that two of her fellow captains would end up fighting over her—breaking apart the fleet and setting pirate ship against pirate ship.
Life as a space exile is already precarious enough—if the brotherhood turns against itself, will any of them survive?
This debut graphic novel by fantasy and science fiction author and artist L. Shelby, contains 301 pages of full-color computer-rendered graphics.
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