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Books in Spanish: Deliciosas Conversaciones. Easy Stories to Practice Your Spanish

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Now you can greatly improve your Spanish listening skills with short stories specially designed to help you practice Spanish by listening using vocabulary that you can actually use every day, This short novel is read in easy spanish because it is not as complex as some other stories written to win literature contests.

This will make it easier to understand Spanish.

So stop wasting time looking to read old books with phrases that are either difficult to understand or unlikely to ever find good use for,

as you may be aware of, are found in much of the Spanish old literature.

Aimed for people who want to learn Spanish by repeat listening, this book will help you improve comprehension and familiarize yourself with unique expressions in Spanish.

Read by a native spanish writer, Mi Nombre Es Sara is a story that introduces new vocabulary and it is easy to follow. It makes easy to practice all of the tenses and moods in Spanish.

look what people say:

"This book is certainly better than practicing with a small child's book. It is a quick read that

freshens up your Spanish. High frequency vocabulary and structures"

Start now and Learn Spanish with Stories!

Download the audiobook now!
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