D.S. Pais

The Silhouette in the Picture

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About the Book
After her father ran off with a younger woman, Donna Cooper was forced to take care of her ailing mother at the cost of her childhood. Now an adult, she seeks revenge but when her initial plan fails due to an unfortunate car accident, Donna must come up with an alternative plan.
About the Author
After completing her Masters in Engineering, Deepika Pais has been working in the IT industry. She is a born-dreamer. It is only her passion for writing that drives her to keep releasing new books every time. She writes under a pen name - D.S.Pais and has written more than 18 books. She has been writing since young, but considered it seriously since 2016. D.S.Pais is a creative person who once worked as an actress in student films and TV serials for a brief period, until she discovered that her passion was in writing. She writes short stories, novellas, novels, poetry and self-help books. She enjoys reading books from different authors, watches movies in her free time, loves travelling and routinely works out ( pilates). 5 of her books have appeared among the top 100 Amazon Best Sellers in their own section. She is a Singaporean and currently resides in Singapore with her family.


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