Arthur Morrison

A Skinful of Trouble

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Arthur George Morrison (1863-1945) was an English writer and journalist known for his realistic novels and stories about working-class life in London's East End. This collection contains a selection of Morrison's best work, including humorous and horror stories.

" A Skinful of Trouble" is the humorous tale of Mr. Dowdall, a gentleman who has invested as shareholder in a circus of dubious repute. All attempts to pursue the circus and recoup his investment are frustrated, but as his letters become more and more threatening, the circus manager writes back announcing that in the lack of funds, he will send property of the circus to the value of the sum demanded.

Mr Dowdall is quite satisfied with this resolution of the dispute. Until next afternoon when a large crate is delivered containing a circus tiger, which is duly deposited on the street outside the Dowdall house in London. Dowdall's efforts to rid himself if the tiger are increasingly frantic and comical.


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