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If you want to begin with aquaponics, you are in the right place.
With the benefits of aquaponics - combining aquaculture and hydroponics - anyone interested in this topic should start with an informational book. This is a great book for hobbyists, beginners, and those who want to go pro. Would you rather spend a hundred dollars on a video course or just learn everything from a book for a few bucks?
This book gives you all the information and basics you need to get started. It also includes subtopics such as:
The most important reasons for aquaponics Types of aquaponics systemsWhich fish to use, which plants to grow in the water, and other key decisions to makeWhat it requires to have aquaponics at homeA comparison between hydroponics and aquaponicsWhich factors determine whether or not aquaponics are successfulIndoor versus outdoor aquaponicsAnd all kinds of other things that are involved in the processBecause of this excellent guide, you can save time, money, and frustration by starting out the right way and know what you are doing. Various decisions have to be made. Things have to be compared. The systems have to be built. All of these things will be easier with some key pieces of information for a great start.
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