Shane Cuthbert


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You know damn well what you should be doing. But for some reason, you can’t quite command your body to do it right? You tell yourself your going to go to the gym and start getting into shape tomorrow. You tell yourself you’re going to treat your loved ones better. You tell yourself you’re going to work on that new plan. But it just doesn’t go the way you wanted. It never does.
The reality is that most people have far less self-discipline than they would like to have. But why is that? Well think of it this way. From day one as babies and children, we are taught to follow someone else’s rules. Stick to someone else’s schedule. Stick to the rules or guidelines. Do it how, when and where someone else has decided for us to do it. The school system and the workplace is great for teaching us to be disciplined. But not self-disciplined.
For some of us, self discipline is something important to be able to learn, how to maintain our health and stay on track with our new diet or exercise plan, how to keep employees in order and how to work from home. These examples are just some of the more common reasons as to why we must develop some self discipline.
In this powerful new book WORLD FAMOUS Life, Addiction, Business & Relationship coach, Shane Cuthbert brings together all of his expertise and experience from a range of fields to help us understand both why we are so lacking in self discipline and how to get back on track and become more self disciplined.


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