Frida Lensky

Ze Time: Vladimir Zelensky. Who is he?

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Frida Lensky is a journalist with 25 years of experience in the largest European tabloids and magazines, who perfectly knows Ukrainian realities, and understands the phenomenon of the favorite of the 2019 elections in Ukraine — Vladimir Zelensky. Draft against naphthalene. A myth of a messengers against the sad political patterns. This is the phenomenon of Zelensky. Many believe that at the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2019, they voted for Vladimir Zelensky as the ideal image formed by the character of the TV series “The Servant of the People”. In this comedy-propaganda series, Zelensky played a “president from the people” who acts as people dream of: punishing corrupted officials, fighting with oligarchs, cutting the uterus in international negotiations, defending the interests of “ordinary people”. So, he is doing everything that is not in the politics of Ukraine - the largest European country, which has been suffering from ineffective governance, corruption and contradictory external influences for more than 30 years. As a traditional politician, Vladimir Zelensky didn’t open up in the pre-election race, retaining the “Teflon suit”. He rather confirmed the reputation of the “non-systemic terminator” of the naphthalene Ukrainian political order. And therefore, in a certain sense, Vladimir Zelensky remains an intrigue, an undeciphered character. For the first time trying to explain the phenomenon of Zelensky, Frida Lensky, the author of the book “Ze time: Vladimir Zelensky. Who is he?".


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Ze Time: Vladimir Zelensky. Who is he?, Frida Lensky
Ze Time: Vladimir Zelensky. Who is he?
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