Pennie Mae Cartawick

Sherlock Holmes: The Heist

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An enhanced audiobook, with complete music score and extensive sound effects to add to your listening experience. "Gentlemen, I am here to represent the interest of Henry Bank & Trust. We would like to resolve the situation quickly and quietly, so that all the investors can move forward with a minimum of anxiety. Holmes sat across from her, studying her with a nonplussed air. "I must admit; he said, that I do not know how to assist you. Inspector Lestrade was here earlier, and it appears that you are missing nothing and they have no thieves in custody. When the bank emptied today, everything was in place, except for the criminals."
A Roger Rittner Production. Pulp Radio - Audio Dramas. Narrated by Ian Whitcomb, with BarbaraGoodson and J.W. Terry. Announced by Dave Mallow.
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